Hi friends! A little about me and my story. My name is Ash and I reside in sunny Orlando, Florida with my wonderful husband, TJ. He tells me I’m funny but unfortunately, he says it’s never on purpose. So I can’t promise you lots of laughter but I can promise that you’ll get the genuine me!

I’m a book nerd; Harry Potter is still magical to me even as a thirty-something adult. One of the perks of living in Orlando is being an Universal Orlando Annual Passholder. Which means I get to leave the muggle world behind any time my little heart desires! I’m a bubble bath queen. I literally can spend hours of my day just sitting in the bath tub (which I do mostly while my husband is at work so he doesn’t know I’m to blame for the high electricity bill, shh!) Anyone else a marathon sleeper? I could win awards! I’m a fan of most sports but UCF football has my heart. I love red wine and date nights with my husband. I’m an avid reader and I’m always looking for great book recommendations so bring them on. Thanks for stopping by!

Let’s chat soon!