Coldhearted Boss Review

Hi friends!,

If you’ve been following my instastories you’ve seen me talk about R.S. Grey’s new book Coldhearted Boss. Well I’m happy to say today is finally release day and y’all need to head over to Amazon to get it for yourselves!

This enemies to lovers rom-com will pull at your heart strings and your libido! When small town Taylor meets handsome and successful Ethan at her lowest moment she makes a decision that will change their paths forever. Working under her new sexy but oh so arrogant boss could prove to be too much for Taylor, but if she’s going to burn, so is Ethan! A long, slow, torturous burn!

R.S. Grey can do no wrong! Her books are one-sitting kind of reads because you get lost in her characters and feel every emotion they feel. You become them. And Coldhearted Boss is no exception. It’s like falling in love for the first time. Every butterfly, every rock in your stomach. Every obstacle in your way. Even when that obstacle is yourself.

So clear your evening, sit down with a glass of wine, and let R.S. Grey make your day better!

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