Fountain of Youth

Hi Friends!,

I realize that it’s been a bit since I last posted. A month actually. And I left you hanging with only one part of our honeymoon story. So I promise to get that out soon and with my summer semester starting this week I’ll be staying in a lot more so I’ll have more opportunity to get that out for y’all.

But for today, I just wanted to pop on here real quick because I experienced a new First today (Dysport) that I posted about on my Instagram page and I have gotten a lot of questions about it! So let me answer everything that y’all have asked me right here:

What it is: Dysport is just another Brand name for injections like Botox

Where: Samano Aesthetics located in Winter Park

With: Anna (she’s the best!)

Cost: $10/unit usually but if you get in now for their Mother’s Day special you can get it for $9/unit

Units used: 46 units (although it would have been 62 but more on that later)

How long does it last: 3-5 months

What you need to know: Dysport injections immobilize the muscle allowing your natural collagen to fill in those pesky wrinkles. In my case, I mostly needed to focus on this deep crease I have next to my right eyebrow from my long years of being blind as a bat and constantly squinting!

Typically, three months after the injection you can expect to have 50% movement back. At five months, you’re at 100%. If you wish to keep the cost down then your best plan is to “keep the tank full” and go in at the three month mark so that you’ll need less units to immobilize the muscles again. If you wait the full amount till you’re completely able to move those muscles around (“tank on empty”) again you’re starting all over from the beginning.

A little background on my experience… The staff was great and friendly! Anna, the Nurse Practitioner who did my injections is a friend so it really helped to curb the embarrassment when I nearly passed out on her! I’m completely afraid of needles (and pain) so I decided it was best for me to just keep my eyes closed during the experience. Anna began and I was relieved to find that it wasn’t painful at all. Just a little pinch. Done before you know it. However, because of my nerves I held my breath the entire time. Unfortunately, before she was able to make it to my crows feet area, I turned white as a ghost and they had to lay me back, place an ice pack on my chest, and give me some juice. I’m nothing if not dramatic!

I loved my experience and will definitely be going back. I am all about keeping this baby face as long as possible! Samano Aesthetics offers many different treatments and cosmetic services so I think it’s time to start getting regular facials and taking care of the skin I have before it’s too late!

If you want to check out Anna and the rest of the team at Samano Aesthetics you can view their instagram or head straight to their website by clicking here.


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