Hi Friends!,

Well we have been back from our European honeymoon for a week now! And I’m just now adjusting back. Long distance travel is no joke!

I know most people share how great everything is and often leave out the negative things when posting to social media, but this blog has always been about being open and honest. So I’m going to give you the whole truth on our honeymoon! Our motto for the week was “this is why you should go on your honeymoon directly after getting married”! I mean, all the little things (or big things in our case) that could go wrong don’t seem to bother you as much when you’re in that newlywed bliss.lol

I first knew that our trip may be in for some problems when we got the {first} e-mail about our flight to Toronto being delayed. There were two more delays to the flight after that and we had to call and have our connection from Toronto to London changed to a later flight. So this of course meant we were getting into London later and losing time in the day to explore. After our first flight and layover in Toronoto, I had fallen asleep on the plane to London for a bit and we hit a bunch of turbulence. Suddenly, I was going to be sick. Here’s a bit of TMI: they didn’t have any of those vomit bags in the back of the seats (they keep them in the bathroom. Who does that?! If I could make it to the bathroom then I wouldn’t need the damn vomit bag) and I couldn’t get TJ up and out of the way in time so I threw up in my hand. Sorry for the overshare but I want you to know all of the ups AND downs!

Once we landed in London, it took about an hour and a half to get through customs. We headed to pick up our luggage only to find it wasn’t there. We headed over to customer service to speak to the airline and they discover that the people in Orlando only had our luggage scheduled to go to Toronto, not our final destination. At this point we had been out of Toronto for about thirteen hours so they should have been found. Of course, that was not the case. They had yet to be checked into their system as unclaimed. Basically, they told us that they didn’t have much information and that they would send our bags over whenever they located them. GREAT! So now we had been up for twenty-four hours, we are tired, we are hungry, we are about to be cold!

I forgot to mention the part where we had all of our jackets packed in a carry-on suitcase that I had assigned to TJ (I had my own carry on with things like medicine and toiletries) and they offered to check for free, so of course TJ said yes. I had asked TJ if he wanted to grab a coat out because I at least had a sweater on but he’s a male and he runs hot so he said no. He would just get his coat out of the suitcase when we arrived in London. Oops!

It actually took us about an hour to get from the airport to our hotel so we got to see a lot of London sights on the way (didn’t figure out that they have Uber there till way later so we spent $130 on a taxi! Ouch!). We got in and took a little cat nap when we got into our hotel and when we woke up we had received an e-mail that they found our luggage and it would land in London at seven a.m. Yay, right?! Wrong. But more on that in a minute.

After our nap we decided to venture out to get a bite to eat but because TJ didn’t have a jacket and both of us were in sweatpants, we couldn’t go far. We were located in the business district and found out very quickly that not much is open or open late in that area on the weekends. We were lucky to find the cutest little spot literally right next door to our hotel that gave me all the Kaitlyn Bristowe office vibes! The place was called Slug and Lettuce and it was covered in floral wallpaper, neon lights, and pink everywhere you looked. The kicker, it was 2 for 1 cocktails! Heck yeah!

After a light snack and a few cocktails, we decided to head to the next bar because they were closing up shop at Slug and Lettuce. Since TJ didn’t have a jacket, we obviously couldn’t go far, so we just walked a couple doors down to another bar and ended up finding a really cool bartender who gave us a list of places to visit that were off the normal tourist route. We really wanted to experience London as a local. So we took our list which included the best place for pie and mash and headed off to one more bar stop a couple doors down to end the night.


The next day, we woke up looking for news of our bags. To make a long day and boring story short, it took till six p.m. to get our luggage so we lost another day in London in which we should have been out exploring. It rained all day and was in the 40’s and without the proper clothing or knowing when our luggage would arrive, we were stuck. Once our stuff arrived we wasted no time in showering and finally changing into fresh clothes before hitting the town!

We made our way over towards the art area that our bartender from the night before had recommended. Trying to figure out how to take a public bus was quite new to us and took a bit of time, but we finally figured it out! We were in search of this pie and mash bar that was on our list of local places to visit when we discovered a McDonald’s. For those of you who don’t know me personally, here’s what you need to know: I’m the worlds pickiest eater! Seriously, I could give any three-year old a run for their money! I knew I wouldn’t eat pie and mash (just the thought makes my stomach turn) so I decided to get some french fries and coke so I would have something in my stomach just in case there was nothing else there I would eat. Turns out that was a good idea because they only served pie and mash! About a hundred different kinds (ok, I’m exaggerating) but nothing else. So we had some drinks, TJ had his proper English meal and then we spent the rest of the night checking out other bars. Well, two to be more specific. Apparently nothing in London ever stays open late! Everything was closing by eleven so we had no choice but to go home and get a good night sleep (for TJ only thanks to his severe snoring) to prepare for the Making of Harry Potter Tour!

By the way, London has some of the best reality television!

Anyway, the next day we woke up and headed to the bus station for our trip to Harry Potter. The studio is located an hour and a half out of the city so we were lucky to find our tour tickets with the bus arrangements included. The problem however occurred once we were on the bus. Remember how I got sick on the plane? Yeah, we were having a repeat episode. I had to do everything in my power to keep from throwing up as there was no bathroom on the bus nor did we have anything that I could throw up in. Again, I’m sorry for the TMI but, it’s the truth! We finally got there and I ran to the closest bathroom and solved my issues but I was still nauseated and needed to get some food in me. Luckily, they had a little food area before you entered the tour. Unluckily, the problem with being nauseous already means that I also couldn’t get any food down. It was a catch 22. Still, we ventured in and there are no words for how amazing the studio tour is. Getting to see how everything came together and all the work that went into it was just magical! Best part of London hands down! If you’re interested in seeing the full tour but can’t make the trip to London, just head on over to my instagram and check out my saved stories. You can see my whole tour there!

On the way back from Harry Potter I made sure to get a seat right behind the bus driver so that I could see out the window. It made all the difference and I didn’t get sick on the way back, thank the lord! Even better is that we were close to the driver and were able to talk to him. There were two stops that the bus stopped at to drop people off so we asked which one was the closest to the area where we were staying. He informed us that he actually drops the bus off for the night at a place close to that and offered to keep us on the bus and drive us to that area. He was the sweetest guy and instead of just driving straight to drop of us off and end his work day, he drove us around the city for an hour showing us all the landmarks we missed in the time we spent waiting on our luggage. He gave us the history and everything! Kind people make all the difference!


The next morning we woke up and headed to this little breakfast cafe spot I found on google maps. It was about a ten minute walk from our hotel. We had just ordered our food when I was checking on our train information and saw something about needing to be there 75-90 minutes prior to your departure. Problem was, we were 90 minutes out from our departure right then! Panic ensued and we asked them to change our order to go! We had already checked out of our hotel and our luggage was at the reception desk but it was still a good ten minute walk back and we needed every extra minute so we decided to grab an uber since we would need one to get to the train station anyway. We got to the train station and hauled butt! Good news was that our tickets actually said that we only needed to be there 45-60 minutes early meaning we were right on time! We get through security and the Paris border patrol and set out for the next part of our European honeymoon adventure!

Stay tuned for part two of our honeymoon!



P.S. I actually started this blog a week after we returned which is why I mentioned that at the beginning. But life happens and between work, school, and getting back into a routine, I let it slip to the side. Sorry to keep you waiting!!

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