Hi Friends!,

This may in fact be my shortest post ever but I just had to let everyone know that today TJ and I head out on our European honeymoon! Only a year and four months later!

We are heading to London for three nights then we will take the train to Paris and spend three nights there before flying back to the states. We are SO excited as this is both of our first trip to Europe! In fact, we only got our passports last year to attend our friends wedding in Jamaica (which is why we delayed our honeymoon, because TJ has limited vacation time with his job). So this is our first big trip!!

It got off with a bit of a rough start as we got an e-mail that our flight was delayed into Toronto and only landed four minutes before our connection to London took off. Then we received another e-mail delaying the first flight once again so this time we landed after our connection was to take off. Luckily, we were able to call and change our connection to the last flight leaving for the night. So we will get in a few hours later to London on Saturday but the whole day won’t be wasted!

We will have minimal cell service over there but you can bet I’ll be taking TONS of pics and I can’t wait to share all our adventures with you upon our return!



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