Happy Birthday, Good Lookin’!

Hi Friends!,

Today is the best day of the year! It’s my husband TJ’s birthday!! If you haven’t picked up on it yet from my previous posts, I absolutely adore him! Once upon a time my favorite day of the year was MY birthday but then I met this wonderful man and spending his birthday spoiling him and celebrating him became my favorite tradition. I guess marriage is selfless after all!

TJ is a simple man. He loves food, booze, video games, and sports. So typically, I try to make his birthday revolve around as many of those things as I possibly can. A nice steak dinner is one of his favorite meals so it has become my tradition to take him to a different steak house every year for one of his birthday dinners. That’s right, I said ONE. I told you I like spoiling him!

This year, we began his celebrations on Saturday by checking out Swine and Sons for lunch during their last weekend at their original location. I always plan out his birthday without including him on the plans because he just tells me he doesn’t want anything and we don’t need to do anything. Yeah, like I would let that happen! Anyway, I was pretty proud of myself for this lunch pick because I was expecting him to have never heard of it (I found them on Instagram) but he not only knew of Swine and Sons but he also had been wanting to try it! Yay me!


After lunch, we were going to ride our new bikes (our Christmas presents to each other that we have yet to use) to bar hop but then we remembered we don’t have bike locks so we nixed that idea and stayed in instead. This is the part where sports makes it way into his birthday. TJ got to spend his entire afternoon in front of the tv watching college basketball and drinking his booze!

To wrap up the Saturday birthday celebrations, we made our way to Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort to check out Shula’s Steakhouse. Time for an honest review; it was good but it wasn’t my favorite. Their french onion soup was scrumptious though! That’s normally my favorite part of my meals at a steakhouse.

Now here’s where get to the #realtalk. Sunday there were some plans for a surprise celebration for TJ with some of our friends, including our friends that now live in West Palm which is about a three hour drive from us. They were driving up just for the day to surprise him, beginning with lunch at The Whiskey. Well, of course TJ went to work that morning to prepare for a big mediation he had coming up and couldn’t leave when he was supposed to. TJ never goes to work on Sunday’s but that was just my luck! So in the end, I had to ruin the surprise and tell him he had to get his cute little tushy home (but trust me, I didn’t say it that nicely!). Lunch was delicious and the cosmos were on point!

Our final plan of the weekend was to head over to Player 1 Video Game Bar to spend the day playing arcade and video games. It was a cool little spot with lots of classic games as well as newer gaming systems that you can play while sitting at the bar. Oh and they have Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. I will embarrassingly admit that I played one song of Dance Dance Revolution before I had an asthma attack and had to call it quits! ho knew that you needed to bring your inhaler to a video game bar?!

And now today is his actual birthday and I couldn’t be more excited to take him out for one more dinner and give him his gifts! The man deserves the world! I am lucky to know him, love him, and be loved by him.

Happy Birthday boo, I love you!



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