Valentines 2019

Hi Friends!,

I should probably start with this by saying that TJ and I aren’t big Valentine’s day people. We don’t like the idea of holiday where it tells you to show your love for someone. Because you should be showing the people you love that you love them every day. It’s because of this that we have never really celebrated the day.

However, TJ always gets me a little something. If you know me, you know how much I love my baths! If you don’t know me, let me clue you in. I take about 3 baths a day on average. With that being said, last year TJ got me a a package of aromatherapy bath bombs as a gift. Which seemed like the greatest gift ever till I tried to actually use them. The aromatherapy was so strong it started a horrific coughing fit in me that I couldn’t control and had to hop out and leave the bathroom immediately. Then just to be sure it wasn’t just me being sensitive to them, I sent TJ in the bathroom. He began coughing the second he walked in the door and we deemed the bath bombs as a sweet gesture, but never to be used again!

This year, TJ took me to this little local thrift store called Andee’s that not only sells cool vintage items, but also sells local artists items. I picked up a cute little purple gem necklace, a candle, and a floral vintage coffee/tea pitcher that reminded me of one my grandma used to have when I was little.

Since I felt like I was a bit of a scrooge for never doing anything on Valentine’s day for him (even though he hates the holiday), I decided to do something small for him as well that I knew he would love. What better way to show a man you love him then through their stomach?! I spent my day working from home and attempting to make Oreo truffles. I say attempt because I hadn’t made them in ten years and I forgot just how messy and disastrous they could be! There was definitely chocolate everywhere, none of the truffles were in the actual shape of a ball (what you’re supposed to aim for) and even though I used two more ounces of melted chocolate than the recipe called for, I still didn’t have enough! Nonetheless, they turned out tasty. The truffles were my way of announcing his real present, which was a date night at a local chocolate factory to make our own chocolates. I paired the Oreo truffles with steak instead of our normal baked chicken (and some wine of course) and I think the hubs was pleased with my efforts!


We wrapped up the night by renting Bohemian Rhapsody and rocking out to Queen for the rest of the night!


Tonight we were supposed to be at our chocolate making date night but neither of us have been feeling well all day and we didn’t want to go under the weather. So we canceled and decided to save the date for another time when we would really enjoy it. Plus, we have Michael Buble tomorrow so I can’t risk anything keeping me from feeling good enough for that!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day! Whether it be lots of celebrating, small gestures, or ignoring the day in general, I hope it was exactly how you like it!





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