#Bookstagram – R.S. Grey

Hi Friends!,

We always hear about all the negative things that come along with social media. It’s not often that people really discuss the good things about it. For me, there have been a few good things. Like forming friendships with people that have the same love for Harry Potter that I do. Whether they live right here in Orlando, or all the way across the country in California. But I have to say, my favorite thing about instagram is using #bookstagram. It’s this hashtag that I follow that has led me to new authors I wouldn’t have found otherwise. And in the end, has led me to absolute FAVORITE new author, R.S. Grey!

I found her a few months back  (I follow the hashtag and she used it, therefor showing up in my newsfeed) and I decided to follow her after reviewing her page. She seemed adorable and witty, and I knew that eventually I wanted to get around to checking out one of her books. I had a long list of books I was getting through but I saw that she had a new book coming out in December and she had a pre-order special for only 99 cents. I thought, if it’s horrible, I’m only out a buck. No biggie. I pre-ordered it and forgot about it. I was in the middle of the Red Queen series and by the time I got to book three, I needed a break from the harsh Hunger Games style. That’s when I remembered Grey’s book. Hot Shot Doc. I’m not gonna lie, the name had me a little embarrassed to read it. But I opened it up, intending to just read a chapter before bed to help me relax and instead I found myself halfway through the book in the wee hours of the morning before I realized I had to call it quits or I would never make it to work the next day. I finished the book the very next day and knew I needed more! So for the month of January, I set a goal to read the remaining 17 of R.S. Grey’s 18 novels.

It might sound like a difficult task, to read SEVENTEEN books in one month, while still managing ya know, life. But I promise you, it wasn’t hard at all. Once you pick up one of her books you just can’t stop. You crave more! All hail the queen of Rom Com’s! Seriously y’all, it was the happiest month in like forever! My husband actually calls them my “smut” books after I screen shot him a few pages and sent them to him while he was at work one day. He kept telling me he wasn’t sure if he liked me reading those books or not, and I ensured him that he did! Every book was like the beginning of a brand new relationship. Where you don’t know what to expect and you have all these butterflies. I mean, if an author can give you that feeling you just know she’s got something special going on! I won’t deny that many of the books have the same theme; either boy and girl have feelings for each other but can’t admit it because there’s some obstacle but eventually they work it out or boy and girl fight like cats and dogs and take their aggression out on each other with great sex until they find their way together – in love. But despite the predictability, each story feels like something new.

Each time I read one of her novels I thought to myself, “these are my favorite characters ever! This is my favorite couple ever!”. And then I would move on to the next book, and I would say the same thing. I recommend her books to people at work and when they asked me what book was my favorite so they knew what to start with, I couldn’t give them one. I just started naming all of them!

With This Heart took me a week to read because I cried through so much of it. But it’s that good kind of cry. Chasing Spring took on a much darker tone than any of her other books. The Summer Games: Out of Bounds just straight up took me by surprise.

If ABSOLUTELY FORCED to pick a favorite though, I would have to say it’s a tie between The Beau and the Belle and A Place in the Sun. However, if I’m being honest, I just want to continue listing out the rest of her books so that you read each and every one of them!

The way Grey writes, you can’t help but feel every emotion that her character is going through. I laughed with them, cried with them, felt literally sick to my stomach with them. But more than anything, I felt happy to be apart of their world for a short time. The books are sexy as hell so that doesn’t hurt either! I chased my husband around the house quite a bit after reading those books! More than that, I realized I was genuinely nicer to him even on the worst of days because I was reading about new love and it reminded me how great it is the beginning when it’s all fresh and new. I would read my books while he was at work and I would just ache to see him. Because I love him in the same intense way these characters love. Who knew a book could make you nicer?!

If you’re looking for books that you just CAN’T PUT DOWN, get on over to Amazon (her books are exclusively sold on there) and get ordering! She’s also part of the Kindle Unlimited program, which I highly recommend!! You’ll get to read all of her amazing books for free with the monthly membership. Makes it worth it right there!

And if you aren’t already, follow her on instagram @authorrsgrey!

Do you have a favorite author you found thanks to Instagram? Let me know in the comments!


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