November Recap

Hi Friends!,

Well, since we are almost done with December, why not do a November recap?!lol One day I’ll be better about staying on top of my writing.

November was a full month of travel, especially for the hubs! Out of the five weekends, we were gone for three together and TJ was gone for an extra weekend on his own. He got to spend a little brotherly time in Jacksonville catching a metal show.

First up was South Bend, Indiana to watch the Notre Dame/FSU football game. My best friends husband and my father-in-law joined us. Brittany (my bestie) was also supposed to join but since she ended up being nine months pregnant at the time, she had to pass. There’s really not much to say on South Bend except that the Notre Dame campus is beautiful. The rest of the town is pretty much a drag. We tried to grab dinner after the game and EVERYTHING was closed. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the weather! It snowed!! We had to make a special trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods so I could buy a proper winter coat and winter boots so I could survive the game. And even then, I didn’t! Me and Jason (the besties hubs) being the only born Floridians, thought we were gonna freeze to death. So when the game started to become a blow out, we said “time to peace out”!

Our next weekend away was to Saint Augustine for the Night of Lights. TJ had never been to Saint Augustine so it was a double treat! We got in Friday evening and our first stop was the Tini Martini Bar. It was Christmas perfection! Really helped to get us in the spirit. The weather was perfectly chilly (not a norm for Florida in November) and we sat outside near the fireplace. They even provided blankets! After a few martinis, we headed over to Prohibition Kitchen for some live music followed by Scarlett O’Hara’s for a drink before calling it a night. I mean, it was one in the morning!

Since I had a girls trip to Saint Augustine in August, I already knew of this great breakfast spot to take TJ too. 0ur intentions were to wake up early and we did. But instead of heading straight to breakfast, we watched College Gameday to see my UCF Knights! When we finally made it out, we went to the Blue Hen Café for a great jump to our day. After we were full, we ventured out to the Castillo de San Marcos for a little history lesson. It offered beautiful views of the water and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. We spent the rest of our afternoon doing our own little pub crawl before heading back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner and the kickoff of the lights!

Side note: it was opening weekend for Night of Lights so there were like 25,000 people there. We were unaware that the first weekend was their busiest. All dinner spots were 2 hour waits. We even tried to outsmart everyone else by going at the time that people should be going to watch the lights be turned on all around the city. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones with this idea.

We had dinner at Harry’s and let me tell you, it was much better than we were expecting! Dinner was absolutely delicious. The wait was expected to be so long that we just requested first come seating but if you go when it’s not a madhouse, I would request to sit outside. It’s darling and covered in little white lights.

Although we came for the lights, UCF was playing Cincinnati that night so we briskly walked through the town center to see the lights and the tree and made out way to a bar. Turned out to be a pretty good place to end up (it was hard to find bars with TV’s in historic Saint Augustine) because we got to watch the game and we also ended up listening to a great live band and finished out our night there.


Sunday we finished up at the Ice Bar for brunch and had plans of touring the distillery but TJ wasn’t feeling so great so we decided to save that for another trip. Next time, we will do a spring trip so it can be more based around the water!


Our final November trip together was for Thanksgiving. TJ and I headed to St. Louis to spend the holiday with his family. He only gets to see them once to twice a year if he’s lucky so I’m happy when he gets that time with him. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am that my family is only a forty-five minute drive away.

We stayed with my brother-in-law Chase. His place is awesome. It’s an old art gallery that’s been converted to a house. It’s even got a little stage in it and the floor in the bathroom is all mosaic tile. I wish I could bring it to Florida because it’s just the kind of place I want to live in! Everyone contributed to the Thanksgiving dinner and for once, I had a full plate of food I actually would eat! That’s a big feat for someone who usually makes spaghettio’s or gets Chinese on this specific holiday. When we visited for Thanksgiving two years ago, we spent Thanksgiving night at the movies catching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. So we decided to make it a tradition and went to see the newest instalment in the series while we were there. Chase took us to all the cool hipster places and we fit in as much into our short 3 nights as humanely possible. In fact, we suffered such a lack of sleep that I think we are still trying to recover but it was so worth it!

While TJ ventured off to Jacksonville to spend the weekend with his brother, I made the most of it at home. And by the most of it, I mean I watched all the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies that my little heart could handle! It was glorious!

So those were our November adventures. Next blog I’ll fill you in on all of our December holiday date nights! This really is my favorite time of year!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!




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