Jamaica’n Me Crazy!

Hi friends!,

I’m so far behind in updating the blog, it’s not even funny! A lot happens in three months. So I’ll start off with filling y’all in on our first ever international flight and trip! We got to head to Jamaica to celebrate our sweet friends, Heather and Charles, nuptials. It was a quick three day trip but we had a great time.

The day before the wedding we got to meet all the other guests and just spend the day drinking at the swim up bar! We had some rain but that couldn’t stop the party!

Heather was the world’s most laid back bride. It poured down rain exactly when the outdoor beach ceremony was set to begin and we all ran to take shelter. Despite the bad weather, she got her beach wedding! How many brides do you know willing to walk down the isle in the rain?! She looked stunning and of course I cried when they exchanged their vows. I love love!

Even though our first international trip was a quick one, it definitely sparked our desire for more international trips. We can’t wait for our honeymoon trip (finally) this coming March!! Any tips or recommendations, drop them in the comments section. We would love to know your favorite spots!



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