On The Mend

Hi friends!,

A few posts ago I mentioned to y’all that I was having a few health problems. Mainly, I had chronic hives and a rash for well over a month. The hives and rash spread the longer it went on. Many days were spent with blood under my fingernails from the constant scratching my skin (off). Eventually the symptoms included lip, tongue, arms and legs numbness. After ending up in the ER I was recommended to an allergist here in Orlando, Dr. Anderson of Anderson Allergy & Asthma.

When I left the ER I left with a few prescriptions for antihistamines along with an epi pen to carry around with me everywhere I went. My first appointment with the allergist was a little pointless as you cannot be on any antihistamines before an allergy panel test. So for the next week I had to remain off all of the things that had helped me feel better. I was hoping that since they symptoms had disappeared that it meant I was fine and the problem was gone. I was wrong. When I went off the meds, the hives and rash returned as well as new symptoms, such as hand and feet swelling. To say I was frustrated would be an understatement. I started bathing with white vinegar to help with the itching. I smelled horrible, and it stung, but it took some of the itching away. I couldn’t just enjoy life. Or be normal. My itching was even bothersome to those around me.

I went to my next allergist appointment where they were going to do the allergy panel test on me now that I was off all the antihistamines but unfortunately, I was just one giant hive and growing as I sat there in the room waiting. Dr. Anderson said they obviously couldn’t perform the allergy test on me as I was already so reactive and had to give me an epi injection and zyrtec to provide relief from the symptoms. They decided that a skin allergy panel just was not in the cards for me and drew blood instead (bloodwork for allergy tests are not always the most accurate, that’s why they didn’t just do this to begin with). Since they were drawing my blood to test for allergens, they also tested for auto immune disorders and pretty much everything under the sun. Including Celiac disease, which is what my mom and I were sure was the cause as it runs in my family.

Well after a very long week wait, I went to my next appointment to get my results and I was greeted with some GREAT news! I do not have celiac disease! Which means I can continue my love of Taco Bell and all things gluten! Although, my husband says just because I’m not allergic to it doesn’t mean I should just go back to eating it, since my body definitely doesn’t agree with it (I always look about five months pregnant after I eat it and I feel miserable). Turns out, all my issues relate back to a severe vitamin D deficiency. The normal range is 32-100 and mine is at 11. Really not good. It explained all that I was feeling, including severe fatigue I have felt for a very long time.

See, I had actually gone to my Physician about two years ago to try and figure out why I was constantly tired, itching my legs constantly, and so on. He had me do some bloodwork and the results came back that my vitamin D was at 21. But a few days later, my dad died. I never went back to the doctor. And I never looked into what being low in Vitamin D meant.

Now, it all makes sense. Before you tell me that I live in Florida and I need to get out in the sun more, just know that when you have a vitamin D deficiency like this, going out in the sun doesn’t cut it. It needs to be ingested. I’m still on my antihistamines to help let me body repair, but now I’m also on a prescription of 50,000 units of vitamin D a week plus a daily multivitamin that contains 150% of your daily value of vitamin D.

I haven’t had this much energy in years! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not out doing back flips or anything (I’m too old and out of shape) but I am not constantly tired. I feel happier. I’m more me!

Lessons learned, make sure you visit your doctor for your yearly check up! It can keep you healthy!





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