Workin’ on my Fitness

Hi friends,

Have y’all heard that Darius Rucker song, “For the First Time”? It’s my current favorite jam. In it he asks when is the last time you did something for the first time? It’s something I kind of want to make my motto for how I live my life. Because time and time again I am reminded that life is short! So on that note… I tried something for the first time today! I went out of my comfort zone and ventured out to Club Pilates Winter Park  to give a pilates class a try. The staff there were all absolutely amazing! They offer a thirty minute beginner class for free. Legit, free. Not one of those where you get there and there are all these stipulations. Just straight up free. So I was already digging it. Then I got a personal text from one of the staff members about times and helping to any answer questions I may have had. Once there, the kindness continued with every person I encountered, including the owner.

It might seem like a weird thing to be out of your comfort zone for a simple workout class but minus the random three times I have done a BBG workout from home in the last two years, I don’t work out. It is embarrassing to have to admit this, but I can’t even sit up straight while keeping my legs straight out. Needless to say, I haven’t been very kind to my body in my thirty-something years. But with my health issues lately, I realize it’s time to start taking care of my body. Better late than never, right?! Going to a fitness class on my own is a bit intimidating which is a big reason I haven’t tried out other workouts in the past. As I’ve said, I’m not in shape, so the thought of being surrounded by fit people who all know what they’re doing keeps me from wanting to make the effort. But I’m so happy that I pushed those fears aside because it felt great and I found a workout that I really can enjoy! So much so that I signed up for a membership! I’ve already signed up for my first two weeks of classes (spaces are limited) to keep me motivated and committed.

And now I’ve blogged about it so that means I have to stay committed to it as well! All about that accountability.

What are some of y’all’s favorite workouts? Do you workout at home or take classes? Share your favorites in the comments below!



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