Six Months Into Forever

Hi friends!

WOW, so today marks six months since my husband TJ and I got married! Time is flying by! We try to celebrate every seventeenth with a nice steak dinner at home and tonight was no exception. We had filet mignon with asparagus, red skin mashed potatoes (instant because let’s be honest.. I’m not very good in the kitchen), and of course red wine. We split a bottle of Prisoner and as usual splitting just isn’t enough for this girl! But it’s a Tuesday night so I guess it’s for the best. My favorite part about our six month anniversary is that it lands on a Tuesday, the same as our actual wedding day!

I have been dying to do the swan boats on Lake Eola in downtown Orlando for a while now. TJ  however has been very against it. I’ve had multiple groupons for it come and expire because I couldn’t get him down there to do it. Which for the record, is only about half a mile walk from our house (and we have walked it many of times). Well tonight was going to be THE night! We tried Saturday but the line was outrageous and with only so many boats we decided that saving it for our anniversary was best. I should probably also mention that he made me promise no pics for social media of this adventure. Pictures of it for just us were ok, but no evidence for the outside world. I guess that going with your wife on swan boats in a very tiny lake doesn’t bode well for your masculinity. However, he never mentioned that I couldn’t write about it, so here we are! I’m still hoping to talk him into by the end of the week (hello guilt trip) but if not, you can expect some great swan boat adventures from me and friends.

I’m off to eat my delicious homemade (Publix) Oreo cupcake now. The hubs already finished his cheesecake dessert but I was too busy drinking the wine. More than just my share. But that’s marriage. Compromise. Compromising on who gets more than half the bottle of wine.

Hope you all had a wonderful XVII!



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