Hi friends!

If it’s your first time stopping by, welcome! If you’ve been here before than you’re noticing some changes. Like first of all, the name. I originally started my blog for suicide awareness and while I still will do everything I can to support suicide prevention because of how suicide has effected my life personally, I’ve found myself in a new phase of life. I was only writing on my blog when it had to do with mental health awareness, suicide, or when I was sad. In the beginning it helped me feel better. It was a place to express my feelings and battle my own demons. But after a while, it became depressing to write on the blog. It felt as though it was keeping me from moving forward with my life (if you’re new and unsure of what I’m referring to you can go back and read my very first blog post). So I decided that it was time to change things up. There may still be sad posts from time to time. Because that’s just me. And I want this blog to represent me and all that is real. Besides, let’s face it, we all get a little down from time to time. Life’s a roller coaster after all!

With all that being said, I’m very excited for these new changes. The new name represents my excitement of being a newlywed and building our own family (it’s still just a party of two, I promise). Oversharing about my life is just kind of in my nature. I’ve never really known when to shut up. Thankfully, my husband puts up with it. I also really love the idea of someday being able to show my (future) kids this blog and for them to read about their mom and dad and think (just maybe) “wow, they were cool once”. It’s my journal. But I hope that doesn’t stop you from writing back and sharing your lives with me as well! You’ll find everything about life, love, friendships, and dating my husband.

Let’s chat soon!



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