Bahama Mama

I don’t want this page to be just a bunch of depressing posts. Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs. So this blog will be much of the same. Good news, this is a happy post! I returned this week from a great little weekend getaway cruise. It was a last minute thing with some of my family. My Aunt and Uncle were going with their four kids and my mom, but last minute their nineteen year old couldn’t go so they were sweet enough to offer me the spot. And I gladly took them up on it!

It’s no surprise to anyone that really knows me that I LOVE to sleep. It is literally my favorite activity. I try to leave my bed as little as possible on my days off. So it was great to be reminded of the world outside of my bedroom. No phone allowing me to be distracted by social media. Just me, family, and two and a half days of peace. I didn’t even realize that I needed it. The no phone thing sucked in one way though. I wasn’t able to text TJ and tell him about my day or say hi and see what he was up to. I missed him dearly. But just lounging on a beach (thunderstorms rolling in and all) in the middle of nowhere, reading a book that isn’t a required textbook for school was a wonderful thing. I had forgotten what a great feeling that was. And for the first time since my dad passed away I was able to go to sleep with no TV on, no nightmares.

Best thing is, I let this all carry over into my real life when I came back. When I feel tired, I turn off the TV and everything else and simply allow myself to go to bed. The nightmares are something I can’t control unfortunately. But maybe reading Harry Potter right before bed and all about the Dark Lord’s return isn’t the best choice of material. Oops! Anyway, I’m starting to ramble. Plus, I’m writing this from bed. Where I’m supposed to be getting out of… So just remember this; allow yourself a break from life every now and then. You don’t have to take a cruise. Just turn off the phone and go somewhere you enjoy that allows you to clear your head.

Mental health matters just as much as your physical health!



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